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Our Team

We pride ourselves on having a crew who are:

  • professional
  • trained and qualified
  • able to carry out projects to the highest standard.

You are welcome to download and view the qualifications of our team (password protected).

MDP PipePro 1587

Jason James

Director / Driller
MDP PipePro 1576

Dannielle James

Director / WHS Officer
MDP PipePro 2714web

Ash Williams

MDP PipePro 1529

Matt Fenyk

Crew Leader & Driller
MDP PipePro 2707web

Andy Goad

Crew Leader & Driller
MDP PipePro 1559

Bodhi Kurz

Machinery Operator
MDP PipePro 1581

Ashlin James

Machinery Operator
MDP PipePro 1534

Richard Maroney

Machinery Operator
MDP PipePro 1548

Steph Findlay

MDP PipePro 1571

Alyssa Britten

Office Administration
MDP PipePro 1543

George Biggin

Machinery Operator
MDP PipePro 2068
MDP PipePro 1674
MDP PipePro 2049