Pipe Pro Directional Drilling offers a range of specialised services to provide clients with a drilling contractor that can complete the job from start to finish without the need to enlist additional sub-contractors.

Asbestos Removal and Disposal

Work Safe accredited asbestos removalist who safely remove and dispose of non-friable asbestos material.

Directional Drilling

Pipe Pro Drilling specialises in the installation of range of directional drilling services.


Quality excavation completed by highly trained operators in any ground condition

Pipe Welding

Welding with Poly Pipe and joining lengths of HDPE pipe of various diameters.

Pit and Pipe

No drilling job is complete without pit and pipe and tie-in crews. The final piece of the puzzle to provide turn key operations

Rock Specialists

  Pipe Pro Directional Drilling runs the Vermeer 36×50 with specialized rock breakers giving us the ability to bore through any ground conditions. With our highly experienced rock drillers, Pipe Pro Directional Drilling can ensure conduit can be installed in almost any environment. Rock drilling is our specialty and we can assure you we can…

Service Locating

Pipe Pro Drilling can safely identify all of the relevant underground services before the commencement of any drilling or excavation takes place.

Vacuum Excavation and Pothole Locations

Unobtrusive trenching offers a cost effective solution to trenching dense service areas.