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Pipe Pro Directional Drilling offers a range of specialised services to provide clients with a drilling contractor that can complete the job from start to finish without the need to enlist additional sub-contractors.

Asbestos Removal & Disposal

Pipe Pro Directional Drilling is a Work Safe accredited asbestos removalist who can safely remove and dispose of non-friable asbestos material.

Directional Drilling

Pipe Pro Drilling specialises in the installation of a range of different pipe sizes

Pipe Welding

Welding with Poly Pipe and joining lengths of HDPE pipe of various diameters

Service Locating

Pipe Pro Drilling can safely identify all underground services before the commencement of any drilling or excavation takes place.

Traffic Management

Working towards gaining accreditation for Vic Road Traffic Management.

Vacuum Excavation and Pothole Locations

Unobtrusive vacuum excavation offers a cost effective solution to trenching dense service areas.

Featured Projects

  • Parabar Client 2
    Communication Installation Victoria & New South Wales


  • IMG 0061
    NBN Installation in Geelong and Ballarat

    NBN – Sebastopol, Wendouree & Belmont Pipe Pro Drilling have recently formed a new partnership with Vision Stream which involves future works for the installation of NBN in Western Victoria. These works will commence in Belmont and move on to Sebastopol and Wendouree and involve all aspects of NBN infrastructure including the boring of underground […]

  • Drill Rods
    Huntly Township Gas Main

    Huntly Township Gas Main (63mm and 125mm pipe) This was the first gas installation project that Pipe Pro Drilling were involved in and ran for¬†serveral months over 2013-2014. The 18/22 directional drill rig was used and with a small crew of Jason and two others we worked through six kilometres of 63mm and 125mm pipe […]

  • 36/50 Drill Rig
    Creswick Creek Crossing

    Creswick Creek Crossing (350mm pipe) 350mm pipe is some of the largest pipe Pipe Pro Drilling installs and this job presented itself as quite challenging from the outset not only due to the large diameter pipe but also the fact the pipe needed to be bored under a creek in Creswick. Inclement weather meant the […]

  • 36/50 Drill Rig
    Sunbury Gas Upgrade

    Sunbury Gas Upgrade (180mm pipe) Pipe Pro Drilling has completed several projects for Comdain Infrastructure and has developed and excellent client-contractor relationship. The Sunbury gas upgrade ran for almost three months and required the use of the 24/40 directional drill rig along with our excavator and vacuum truck. The crew worked long hours, travelling from […]

  • Traffic Management
    Geelong to Torquay Gas Pipe Line

    Geelong to Torquay Gas Pipe Line (180mm pipe) Two crews were used on this project to install the larger pipe which required both the 24/40 and the 18/22 direction drill rigs to be in operation. Along with the excavator and vacuum truck, all crew members were utilised on this project to ensure the job was […]

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Jason, Dannielle and their team at Pipe Pro Drilling have over a decade of extensive experience drilling and working all over Australia.

They provide professional, high quality drilling services to meet all the needs of the client.

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