Pipe Pro Directional Drilling provides specialist, innovative trenchless technology for the installation of underground pipes and utilities.

This can be achieved with or without open cutting, depending on job requirements. The advantage of directional drilling over open cut excavation is the minimal impact works have on the environment and surrounding infrastructure. Our mission is to provide high quality directional drilling services to all clients and meet each job with stringent safety standards to ensure safe and professional work is always carried out.

Jason and Dannielle James founded Pipe Pro Drilling in 2013.

Jason is a fully ticketed and professional driller, specialising in telecommunications, gas, water and sewer to grade with almost two decades of experience in the industry. Jason has worked on many different sized drilling rigs all over Australia.

Dannielle is originally from a teaching background, but spent three years working in the mining industry in Western Australia. During this time she worked on several different mine sites, with a company specialising in the installation of railway signalling where she ran site offices and worked closely with the OH&S Personnel.

This experience in team management and workplace safety has be extremely valuable and Dannielle is now in the process of completing her Certificate IV in Work Health and Safety to further develop her skills and knowledge in this area.

With extensive experience in the industry, Jason, Dannielle and thier skilled team at Pipe Pro Drilling will provide professional, high quality directional drilling services to meet all the needs of the client.